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Jozsef barsi - These are all items which go far beyond what is appropriate for biographical articles especially an individual with not nearly contribution to entertainment nor longevity as others. NM July Michelle Martens trial for the rape and murder of her year old daughter Victoria

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Judith had always been small for her age so she was mistaken three year old. Does anyone know more. Please contact Find Grave at support findagrave m if you need help resetting your password. E. Previously sponsored memorials famous will not have this option | József Barsi | Speedy deletion Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Jose Antonio Jimenez FL Recent Executions July Christopher Young TX Robert Van Hook OH Aug. You can still file request but no one will be notified. Also the drawing of Barsi was not appropriate for infobox

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József Barsi | Real Life Villains Wiki | FANDOM powered by ...Becoming a Find Grave member is fast easy and FREE. Her mother s marker reads wind beneath JEB Judith initials wingsYep . EditorE talk July UTC Abuse and death sections quote box containing her father words is not appropriate for this article. Cawley John. Could I or someone else change the sentence to read July Judith was murdered along with her mother Maria Barsi by father Jozsef . PreviousDismiss Replay Leave feedback photo picked. Again most of the information from these two sections was retained and condensed last three paragraphs Judith Barsi Family history death. Recent Convictions Sentences Overturned PA Kevin Charles Siehl murder for the of exwife Christine has been . Keeping the picture of subject grave marker is fine

NY Nicholas Pascarella Jr sentenced to years life in prison for the murder of his father Sr. Start wiki The FANDOM App Take your favorite fandoms with never miss beat Advertise Media Kit Contact Scratchpad Lifestyle Community. If you do not have WordPress m username account then. This nothing more than obsessive disruptive editing by problem user. Opinion WP NOTMEMORIAL only has to do with notability stated its first sentence Subjects of encyclopedia articles must satisfy Wikipedia requirements. AldezD talk July UTC Infobox caption Punky Brewster edit Not having information about where the image of Judith comes from is both ridiculous and patently stupid. We just emailed an activation code to. I closed the DRN request since this was filed first. S use of death Homicide by gunshotResting place Forest Lawn Memorial Park Hollywood HillsOccupation ActressYears active Judith Eva Barsi June July was an American child the . Gunshot is more informative equally as any other option

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Jaws IV was filmed in when Barsi nine. Paul Austin talk August UTC Forest Lawn edit AldezD Burying her where lot of Hollywood celebs are buried has to have been deliberate and powerful statement. Maria would get excited about this but Judith didn care very much


  • AldezD talk October UTC It is not lame correct encyclopedic incorrect. In a fit of stress she plucked out her cats whiskers and eyelashes

  • Reported Complete Saved Grave Person Family Other Advertisement Memorials Cemeteries Contribute Famous Help About News Forums Store Facebook Twitter Back Top Tour Tutorials Send Feedback Leave Thank you We appreciate your . Keeping the picture of subject grave marker is fine. Learn how your comment data is processed

  • These items are not models of WP GA content. Those of Judith toys which had survived the fire her father set were later donated Goodwill. Related Filed under crime Domestic Violence high profile murder in the Century Family Tagged California homicide Jozsef Barsi Judith Maria set on fire shooting Monsters Among Us Ronald Ebens and Michael Nitz beat Vincent Jen Chin to death with baseball bat Update Cady Way Trail murders Hector Rodriguez trial begins Jesse Davis pled guilty sentenced LWOP Leave Reply Cancel Enter your comment here

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